Symposium Holistic Approaches in Cardiovascular Diseases (HOPECARDIS) 2016 : Day I

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HOPECARDIS 2016 symposium is being held at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, from April 1st until 3rd. At the first day of symposium, participant attendance reaching 651 participants.

First day session of meeting the expert covering the current treatment update in stable angina pectoris and in primary & secondary prevention of coronary artery disease.

Plenary lecture topic covers Ethic & Patients Safety in “JKN” Era focused on improving physician good ethical conduct without constraint by the system and compromising patient safety and outcome by giving the patient and family an adequate information to make good decisions.

Next session cover the controversion of antiplatelets use in primary preventions of CV disease. Several research result in conflicting outcome of antiplatelet use for primary prevention of CV risk thus the FDA does not recommended its use for primary prevention, in addition of increase risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. But the use of antiplatelet is not forbidden, the use of low dose antiplatelet is safe and its use in high risk CV disease patient have great effect of CV event risk reduction.

Paralel sessions cover broad topic on management of acute coronary syndrome, from identifying prediabetes has higher risk of CV disease, medical management of acute coronary syndrome with the use of fibrinolitik and interventional therapy, with timely use for better patient outcome.

Second session cover the CV disease in geriatric. Functional physiologic reserve decline with increasing age, resulting increase risk of disease including CV disease. But there is a loose connection between chronological age and biological age, so that the concept of frailty is born. Identifying Frail patient in elderly patient is crucial for comprehensive cardiologyc assessment in geriatric.

Paralel session cover broad topic on the update management of aortic aneurysm with surgical approach of hybrid procedure and also the use of endovascular stent.

Last session cover topic of Peripheral artery disease. The prevalence of PAD is increasing but seldom identified and diagnosed accurately due to wide range of presentation. Several ways to identify and localized PAD with physical examination and angiography are discussed. The session also cover the use of medical management such as the use of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, thrombolitics and endovascular revascularization.

Paralel session covers topic on the management of atrial fibrillation. Identifying patient suitable from sinus rhythm conversion is crucial for reducing morbidities and long term complication of AF. Patient with first episode of AF, symptomatic and high chance of AF free period are among those criteria. But rate controlled approach are not inferior than rhythm control, especially in patient with persistent AF.

Echocardiograph workshop was also held at Java Ballroom and Sumatera Ballroom. Attended by 37 participants, this workshop was started by holding pretest to assess participant’s knowledge about echocardiography. Sally Aman Nasution, MD, SpPD-KKV gave introductional lecture about basic of echocardiography, how to conduct echocardiography examination, and how to place the transducer. Erwan Martanto, MD, SpPD-KKV added lectures which covers about M Mode and B Mode Echocardiography, how to conduct anatomical and functional evaluation on echocardiography. Ryan Ranitya, MD, SpPD-KKV also gives lectures about clinical applications of doppler echocardiography. Committee provides 10 echocardiography instrument thus participants can try on echocardiography examinations on patient simulation after attending lectures. Hopefully, this hands-on workshop will increase participant’ skills and knowledge on conducting and interpreting echocardiography examination.

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