Breathless After Giving Birth

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Doctor, I want to ask about the illness suffered by my wife. My 29 years old wife has just giving birth. She quickly tired and breathless. Is it a sign of heart disease? Sometimes accompanied by heart rate is sometimes slower and sometimes faster. How to handle it? Can it be cured?

September 12, 2013
By Santoso

Dear Mr. Santoso,
Thank you for your question

Breathless after giving birth can be caused by many things. It should be followed up with a more complete examination. Unfortunately, Mr Santoso doesn”t mention information regarding previous history of heart disease and history of preeclampsia.

There is heart problems related to pregnancy and childbirth, such as peripartum cardiomyopathy which is characterized by the absence of other heart disease or no previous history of heart disease. We recommend that you immediately consult a doctor as soon as possible so that it gets the best treatment. thank you

Birry Karim, MD

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Birry Karim

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