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I have a heart rhythm problem that often relapse over 5 years ago. I often feel palpitations and feel like going to faint. Previously, I routinely see a doctor and was often hospitalized. Doctor advised me to undergo ablation in Jakarta. I want to ask, are there risks of ablation, are there any other ways besides ablation to correct heart rhythm problems and how cost estimates for ablation. Thank you.

September 06, 2013
By I Made Suryadi

Dear Mr. I Made Suryadi
Thank you for your question.
Catheter ablation is a non surgical technique to destroy abnormal focus in the heart that cause heart rhythm disturbances or cardiac electrical disturbances.

Another way to tackle heart rhythm prolems is treatment with drugs. However, if the drugs fail, ablation needs to be done.

Ablation side effects:
– Bleeding at the puncture site
– Pain
– Impaired kidney because of the injected contrast agent
– Damage to blood vessels because the inserted catheter scratch the walls of blood vessels
– Worsening of arrhythmias
– Formation of blood clots that lead to stroke

However, pre-action evaluation is done first to assess and predict the risk. Ablation procedure is also performed by physicians who are competent in the field of ablation. Success rate is quite high up to 98%, while the complication rate is less than 1 percent.

Estimated cost is around 100 million rupiahs. For more detailed information, you can contact the Integrated Cardiovascular Services Call Center +62 (21) 39014684 – 3901669.

Thank you and I hope this information is beneficial.

Birry Karim, MD.

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