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Good day, doctor. I am Irfany, 32 years-old. I”ve checked in 3 hospitals. First, my complaint is left chest pain and sudden weakness. In the first hospital, I checked with the ECG and the doctor said I was suffering from coronary heart disease. I moved to another hospital because I can use my health insurance at there. After checked with ECG, echocardiography and treadmill tests, doctor only diagnoses chest pain. I also check to another hospital and examined by ECG again. The result is not the same as the results in the first and second hospital. The doctor says I do not have any disease. However, I still often feel chest pain, sudden weakness, heaviness in the right shoulder and left. These symptoms have occurred during these two months. Is it heart disease? please advise and answers so that I can calm down. thank you

September 03, 2013
By Irfany Ibrahim

Dear Mr. Irfany
In addressing the case of chest pain, not all cases of chest pain caused by heart because complaints of chest pain itself can be caused by lung problems called the pleura pain, digestive problems called GERD, psychological problems called dacosta syndrome, musculoskeletal pain problems, and still much more.

In the description you give, the exact cause can not be predicted. A full interview and a thorough physical examination is needed to find the cause of the chest pain. To that end, we strongly advise you to consult with internist to explore the problems you are experiencing.

Thank you,

Birry Karim, MD.

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