Ablation of cardiac muscle

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6 months ago, my heart rhythm is very fast to reach 200 so the doctor advised me to undergo ablation surgery. It has relapsed 3 times in 2 years. Is ablation safe? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

August 12, 2013
By Ratno S

Dear Mrs. Ratno

Actually, cardiac ablation is not classified as open heart surgery because insertion of electric leads to the heart is done through blood vessels, usually through vein in the groin or neck. Once the leads are placed in their respective positions, doctor will try to identify your heart abnormalities. Some disorders can be treated at that time by raising the temperature leads to the heart part. The procedure is quite safe because not all doctors are allowed to do so every doctor who did the procedure is already past the stage of intensive training. The advantage of this procedure is arrhythmia disorders can be cured directly, but there are some arrhythmias that have low success rates. Success depends on identification of abnormalities. Some risks that can occur include bleeding at the vascular puncture site, infection (rare) and some other complications which are usually already prepared to be handled. For a more detailed explanation, you can come to Integrated Cardiovascular Services in RSCM or Cardiovascular Cluster in RSCM Kencana.

Hope it helps,
Simon Salim, MD. FINASIM.

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